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Blizzard or Sony copyright law(s):

I do not own copyright to any Sony or Blizzard screenshots and or models, however the art created using thier screenshots becomes my own. For usage of Everquest graphics, please refer to Sony Online Entertainment General Terms and Conditions Section 5, Paragraph B. (original document can be found here.) Portion taken from the official document (mainly concering artwork, alterations so on…): "SOE hereby grants to each EverQuest account subscriber that is in good standing and with the grant automatically revoked as of the moment that the subscriber’s account is no longer in good standing (an "EQ Subscriber"), a limited, personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable, nonassignable and fully revocable license to use (a) the EverQuest name, and (b) trademarks and copyrighted material from EverQuest including NPC names and images, diety and monster names and images, geographical names, item names and images, character names and images, background art, and screenshots containing any of the foregoing…"

May I use your artwork?

Please email me and ask permission first. Some of my artwork may be used for your own purposes. However, all commissioned pieces can not be used, since they are the property of the person who commissioned them. If you do choose to use a piece of my artwork, you may not alter it in any fashion, and I would greatly appreciate a link back to my site.

I noticed you have your website on my signature file, can I remove that?

I mark all of my art with my website address placed in one of the corners. You may not remove it. My site is there for many reasons, mainly to verify who made the piece. It is in a place that doesn’t distract from the artwork and in a complimentary color to go with the art piece.

Do you take requests?

Yes, I do! :) Click on the link to your left marked and place your order. Generally, it takes between 1 and 4 weeks for completion. I do not start until payment has been recieved. During the course of the commission we will correspond via emails, to ensure you are happy with your finished product.